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Puppy school

Who is this for?

Anyone that has a dog that needs training, but are lacking the time, a new dog needs to learn the important skills to live happily together in your home!

Puppy School is a combination of Daycare / Boarding and training for puppies and dogs!

How it Works!

Get your new dog off to a good start and Send your dog to us for training  for a minimum total of 14 days

(2 weeks). Plus 1 skills transfer class.

What's covered in our training packages?

1. Toilet Training.

2. Sit.

3. Down.

4. Stand

6. Puppy handling drills.

7. Come to you when called off leash.

8. Walk on leash without pulling.

9. Play time with other dogs at daycare to Properly socialize your dog so that it will not be aggressive to other people or dogs and introduction to dog body language.

10. Crate training. Helps to settle puppy and avoid getting separation anxiety.

11. Training your dog good habits and not to be a destructive chewer around the house.

12. Avoid or fix food Aggression and Guarding.

13. Stop puppy/dog play biting. 

14. Prevent and stop constant & Unwanted barking.

15. Avoid and stop unwanted Jumping.

16. One class at your home to help set up and transfer your dogs new learned behaviour.

17. Free life time support and advice on completion of classes.

Boarding School Training Fee starts from $1,200 

*For Toilet training min 4 weeks is required.