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Private Training at your home.

Go Beyond other basic obedience and manners classes with the most comprehensive bespoke basic dog training class in Singapore.

Pick only the classes you need or get all the classes in a package at the discount rate!

1. The Common Puppy Problems

The Common puppy problems. Toilet Training, How to stop play biting, jumping up & Destructive chewing. Learn how to fix or avoid the all too common but predictable new dog behaviours.

It is the main reason most people contact a dog trainer. How to get started on effective puppy socialization and what that really means.  


4. Teaching the Impulse Control

Leave it, Stay and other Impulse control. The Leave It! command in my view is one of the most important skills you teach your dog. It can teach them not to pick things up or chase other animals, it really  can save lives! Teaching your dog not to charge through open doors and gates with wait/stay. 




7. Commands With other Dogs Around

Commands under distraction and social skills around other dogs. Introduction to dog body language. Inside the house is where you begin commands but off leash around dogs is when it really matters. 


Pick Any 3 classes!

Pick Any of the previous mentioned classes 

(1-6 only) @  discounted package rate for weekdays or weekends.


2. Basic Commands & How dogs Learn

Learn how to train your dog in a fun positive way that creates a lasting bond between you and your dog. Gain insight into how dogs learn and how we can shape behaviour quickly, easy and effectively.







5. Off Leash Recall / Come back to you

Its vitally important in an unexpected emergency (dropped or broken leash) that you have this distance control of your dog no matter the distraction with these commands. Train your dog that its their job to check in and follow you and come back when called.


Get All 7 classes Discount rate

Get All 7 of the previous mentioned classes @  a discounted package rate for Evenings & Weekends.  Evenings 5pm to 9pm, Saturday & Sunday all day.


Unlimited Group Classes

Get Unlimited access to our weekend group classes & workshops.


3. Walking on a Loose Leash

No one enjoys a dog that pulls on leash as a result of this unwanted behaviour the dog gets walked less and less,  resulting in pent up energy and frustration that result in even more serious behaviour problems in the future. 


6. Drop It, Fetch, Tug & other Fun Games

Inevitably your dog is going to pick things up they should not have. They may even enjoy taking things that don't belong to them. Learn how to get your dog willing to release /drop it on command. All around playing games that you and they love. The games will help build a powerful bond with your dog and will be a useful tool in advanced training.


Get All 7 classes Discount rate

Get All 7 of the previous mentioned classes @ an even more discounted package rate for weekdays (office Hours) Monday to Thursday 10am - 4pm


AVS Scheduled dogs.

This program for AVS scheduled dog breeds, It combines the best of our basic training with our train for you program. With 20 classes in total. It can be used to train scheduled, rowdy or even serious behaviour problems.


Get all 7 classes for $950 for Evenings and weekend time slots. or just $800 for weekdays 10am to 4pm. 

Payment to be made in Full at first training session for all package deals.

Special offer when you buy full package.

Get FREE Group Class! 

Usually costs $100.

Other Advantages of private home Training.


1. Begin lessons right away, no need to wait till you complete all vaccinations as classes are at your home.

2. It can be much better to start teaching the dog new behaviours while its not over stimulated as they may not be at their best in a class with eight other untrained new dogs.

3. If your dog has an over-the-top reaction of excitement or fear, its to aroused to think clearly, process information, and retain knowledge for later.

4. Lesson times that fit your schedules in Weekday morning, afternoons, Evenings or weekends.

5. Whole Family participation not just one handler and dog class.

6. Individualized attention the whole training session is spent working with just your dog.

7. Customized service for you and your dog so we can concentrate on what you want.

8. No need to miss a training class session due to emergency or holiday and waste money,  if you are unavailable to attend that time simply reschedule another time or day. 

9. Open to dogs of all age. No need  to worry if your older dog missed puppy class.

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