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Obedience Plus

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Obedience plus is an intensive training program where we do even more of the hands on training for you insuring a better trained dog.  
The program was designed for AVS specified scheduled breeds. However, It can be used to for fantastic results to train all dogs. Especially dogs that may be deemed more challenging due to aggression, high drive, reactive or just rowdy energetic teenage dogs. 
It combines the best of our basic training with our train for you program. With 20 classes in total. 
What dog breeds need Mandatory obedience training under the Singapore Animal veterinary service (AVS) 
  • Newly licensed Specified dogs.

  • Any dog assessed by AVS to be aggressive and/or potentially dangerous.

AVS Happy-Dog Training program
intensive training for AVS scheduled breeds

AVS Obedience Plus Fee @ $ 2,888

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